Welcome to Old Market Garage

OLD MARKET GARAGE in Bristol came into existence in September 2013. Our employees with 20 years of experience who continue to broaden their skills by participating in additional trainings are our great strength. We are loyal to the principle “Treat your customer in a way you would like to be treated.” We are a swiftly developing company. We repair cars of all makes based on the latest diagnostic technologies using not only the manufacturer’s service data, but also our own experience.

We define our goals as the highest quality of service and satisfaction of our customers. Repairs are carried out in a comprehensive and, above all, reliable way. We have high quality equipment to check the faults of electronics as well as the latest generation devices to check the common rail injectors and CHIPTUNING power increase change.

Most of repairs are carried out on the same day. The customers who leave their cars in our workshop can count on professional service and use a guarded parking lot.

Our main advantages:

We rely on the highest quality of service, and customer satisfaction is our top priority. High qualifications of our mechanics and their long-term experience in the profession allow us to achieve this objective. We have specialised workshop equipment and professional diagnostic devices which allow us to quickly and professionally locate the fault. In short, we can directly say that: “We get it right the first time”.
We are well aware that today every penny counts for the customer. Unfortunately, in many cases repairs are simply expensive. Nevertheless, we make every effort to ensure that the customers of Old Market Garage are happy with the final price of service and our prices are more attractive than in other car repair shops. At the same time, we are keen on maintaining a high level of service. Therefore, we have reduced the prices of both our services and margin on spare parts. We believe that this policy will make our customers willing to return to our car workshop for future repairs, rather than experiment with competitive shops.
All repairs and spare parts used in repairs are covered by warranty. The warranty term and scope vary depending on the type of service and manufacturer of individual spare parts used in the repair. Ask one of the employees of Old Market Garage for more information.
The location of our car workshop allows our customers to access us easily. Our workshop is almost in the centre of Bristol, so basically, we are close to any place in Bristol. We offer our customers a guarded parking lot, so they do not need to worry about the safety of their cars.

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Our statistics:

Number of satisfied customers: 100%
Number of repairs carried out within the stipulated time: 95%
Number of customers satisfied with the price of repair: 95%
Number of customers who recommend our car repair shop: 100%

Our Team:

Stanislaw ‘STAN’

Position: Mechanic
Car mechanics, Electromechanics
Experience:: 20 years of work in his profession

Mechanic with many years of experience. He treats the repair of cars not only as his job, but also as a hobby. There is nothing he could not do. He performs all repairs with high quality. Long service as a car mechanic allows him to locate the possible failure of vehicle very precisely and to effectively remove it. Stanislaw is a “handyman”, and all our customers are well aware that there is no need to make any correction after such a diligent mechanic, since the work was performed perfectly from start to finish.

Aleksander ‘ALEX’

Position: Mechanic
Car mechanics, Diagnostics, Electronic systems
Experience: 10 years of work in his profession

Mechanical Engineer, graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Zielona Góra. He has 10 years of experience in repairs of motor vehicles. His extensive technical expertise and passion for, in particular, modern systems and car repair technologies allow him to successfully diagnose faults in the vehicles of our customers. He provides the customers with valuable advice on the use and repair of electronic and mechanical systems in vehicles.